The Exquisite Adonis Blue

The Adonis Blue, loveliest of all the blue butterflies and rivalled only, perhaps, by the White Admiral as a thing of delicate wonder in flight, lending its  grace to the beauty of the chalk uplands of southern England. This is the butterfly of our joyous childhood excursions to Hod Hill, where, I hope, it will continue to flourish long after the footprints of rapacious men fade from view. LJ 


A provisional top ten of films

Quite frivolously, I’ve been reflecting on films that I associate with joy. This is a provisional, personal top ten, which is unlikely to be understood.

The Quiet Man

Det sjunde inseglet

Lawrence of Arabia

Les ripoux

How Green Was My Valley


Jacques Brel is alive and well and living in Paris

The Castle

American Hot Wax

Nuovo Cinema Paradiso