The Exquisite Adonis Blue

The Adonis Blue, loveliest of all the blue butterflies and rivalled only, perhaps, by the White Admiral as a thing of delicate wonder in flight, lending its  grace to the beauty of the chalk uplands of southern England. This is the butterfly of our joyous childhood excursions to Hod Hill, where, I hope, it will continue to flourish long after the footprints of rapacious men fade from view. LJ 



I’ve paid relatively little attention to this site recently, having been engrossed in various activities, the essential purpose of which has been to reestablish my axis on things of importance external to myself, thus “fertilizing the self by the not-self”. I’ve added a few literary excerpts here. LJ

Check out this quote

Hi, Iʼm reading this book and wanted to share this quote with you.

“Some people likened him to a direction–post, which is always telling the way to a place, and never goes there;” (from “Martin Chuzzlewit (Original 1844 Edition): Annotated” by Charles Dickens)

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The impact of lockdown

The impact of lockdown has been more destructive, in my view, than that of the contagion it has sought to deflect, for it is a measure that has corroded the seams sustaining relationships, as well as removing the social outlets that ordinarily permit people to live both with and without each other in elegant and untroubled equipoise. Its prolongation has also been an error, insofar as it allows the notion to prevail that the mere avoidance of illness can constitute a valid vital purpose in itself, which, were it true, would entail a collective reflexive flight from risk and a spiritless retreat from the dangers of nature. LJ