The Exquisite Adonis Blue

The Adonis Blue, loveliest of all the blue butterflies and rivalled only, perhaps, by the White Admiral as a thing of delicate wonder in flight, lending its  grace to the beauty of the chalk uplands of southern England. This is the butterfly of our joyous childhood excursions to Hod Hill, where, I hope, it will continue to flourish long after the footprints of rapacious men fade from view. LJ 


First puzzle for a while

I haven’t had time for the Times Crossword recently. This is my first attempt since the move. I’m glad it was an unproblematic experience. LJ

The cat

A study suggests itself, which might be entitled “Towards a finer calibration of the noxious impact of feline halitosis on the plant kingdom, with particular reference to cut flowers and the art of ikebana.”

In Winchester

Completed whilst sitting on a beanbag in the cloakroom of our new house, awaiting the arrival of a flaky technician, who does not show up. So, it’s one more lunch at the Wykeham Arms for me, then, later, Evensong in the Cathedral, the greatest free show on Earth.