The cat

A study suggests itself, which might be entitled “Towards a finer calibration of the noxious impact of feline halitosis on the plant kingdom, with particular reference to cut flowers and the art of ikebana.”

Spanish Armada ship found off Donegal Coast – BBC News

A Captain of the Armada
Said “I admit the English are harder
Than we, though we gave it our all.”
So he dropped anchor and settled in Donegal.”LJ
(Clerihews, 2018)

A wreck believed to be a ship from the Spanish Armada, discovered by archaeologists off the coast of County Donegal, is to be excavated by the Irish government.
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Alexandre Benalla, who’s hogging the French news…

Alex Benalla (may his news decrease!)
Awoke one day and joined the French police
And saw, in easy reach of his matraque,
Protesters, whom he thought he might attack,
“What doest thou?” asked passers-by
Who looked on him askance,
“Moi? Rien! I’m just the henchman
the President of France.” LJ

“L’homme Ă  la vessie incontrĂŽlable”! INFO TF1/LCI – Quand un voyageur pressĂ© d’aller aux WC dĂ©clenche un branle-bas de combat au sommet de l’Etat – LCI

ActualitĂ©s FAITS DIVERS: FAIT DIVERS – Les mĂ©dias marocains ont simplement Ă©voquĂ© un simple et banal “incident”. Mais d’aprĂšs nos informations, un rĂ©cent vol de la compagnie Royal Air Maroc entre Casablanca et Paris s’est pourtant transformĂ© en affaire d’Etat. La faute Ă  un passager furieux de ne pas pouvoir satisfaire ses besoins naturels. Au point de pousser la France Ă  faire dĂ©coller en urgence 2 avions de chasse.

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A bicycle-clip salesman

A bicycle-clip salesman, who
Wished to save people time on the loo,
Added, as a hashtag,
A colostomy bag,
And called it the “Pedal and Poo!”

LJ (late one night in St.Martin)