Karl Valentin-Biographie

A link to the authorised website of the metaphysical clown Karl Valentin may be found below.

Die einzige von der Familie Karl Valentins autorisierte Website. Mit vielen Informationen über den berühmten Münchner Komiker, Schriftsteller und Schauspieler Karl Valentin: Biographie, Werksübersicht, Filmographie, aktuellem Veranstaltungskalender, Filmclips, Gästebuch und Zitatedatenbank
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Alain de Botton: Atheism 2.0

Alain de Botton 

An interesting acknowledgement of the organisational and educative strengths of religion in its relation to personal fulfilment and society. Alain de Botton suggests that the western world may have ventured too far in its assertion of personal freedom, implying that this is not coextensive with wisdom. There are yet things to be learned from such practices as ritual discipline,nor should the didactic or instructive dimensions of art and science be ignored. I am reminded, somehow, of the Rabelaisian maxim “Guide de Dieu et compagnie d’homme” and also that I should return to my reading of George Steiner, whose analysis of the problems entailed by post-modernism I find particularly compelling, since it chimes with my own reflections, albeit more eloquently.