Acronyms in the French press.

One of the least pleasing things about reading French journalism is the ubiquity of acronyms. They are rarely explained, though here, for once, is  an exception.

I couldn’t help feeling there was something portentous about it, as if it heralded in some sense its own doom. LJ

On the metamorphosis of supermarket plums

This article explains many things concerning the maturation of fruit, but does not broach the problem of the Tesco plum, which metamorphoses with mysterious suddenness from an adamantine state with the consistency of a diamond that would not be out of place on a snooker table and that would break the teeth of a baboon, to assume, within a few short minutes and invariably overnight when one is off one’s guard, the form of a flaccid sac of sickly, treacly liquid scarcely fit for a wasp. LJ

“Est-ce encore possible de savourer des tomates qui ont du goût ? ” :

Faits divers. A hint of bathos…

Just a hint of bathos: “Après l’arrivée de la police, ce chauffeur de camion a réclamé dans un premier temps un hélicoptère, puis une voiture. Ayant essuyé un refus, il a demandé aux policiers de lui commander une pizza.”

“Slovaquie: il braque une banque avec un attendrisseur à viande ” :