… though it took me a while in this occasion. “Munchkin” is not a term that springs easily to mind, I confess. LJ

Very pleasing

Very pleasing, since I haven’t had time to do the crossword for a while. Left overnight, things came so much more easily in the morning.

First puzzle for a while

I haven’t had time for the Times Crossword recently. This is my first attempt since the move. I’m glad it was an unproblematic experience. LJ

In Winchester

Completed whilst sitting on a beanbag in the cloakroom of our new house, awaiting the arrival of a flaky technician, who does not show up. So, it’s one more lunch at the Wykeham Arms for me, then, later, Evensong in the Cathedral, the greatest free show on Earth.

A satisfying puzzle

Completed this morning whilst listening to the sacred music of Arvo Pärt, the perfect refuge from the climate of political ugliness currently prevailing.


I solved everything but the two missing letters required to form “statice”, a genus of sea-lavender and a pretty “maritime plant”, so I wouldn’t have won this week, not that it ever seems possible!