A hash-peddler, Pasha Achache,
Stashed his hash-cash, alas, in the trash,
Till the trash man one day
Took the trash can away
And trashed the Achache hash-cash stash

Written on the terrace of the Marco Polo Pizzeria, for no good reason. LJ

In Memoriam Batger’s Chinese Figs

The most delicious of all confections and the most intense of gastronomic pleasures at Christmas time, which, alas, have ceased to exist. I had hoped to find something comparable amongst the glacé fruits at Fortnum and Mason, but these fall a long way short of the exquisite crystallised figs I knew as a child. Sic transit gloria mundi.

How I miss that choice Christmas confection
Of Chinese Figs! Their recollection,
Such texture and sweetness
Restored to completeness!
I’m praying for their resurrection!  LJ St.Martin

Batger’s Chinese Figs