Acronyms in the French press.

One of the least pleasing things about reading French journalism is the ubiquity of acronyms. They are rarely explained, though here, for once, is  an exception.

I couldn’t help feeling there was something portentous about it, as if it heralded in some sense its own doom. LJ

How our home delivery habit reshaped the world | Technology | The Guardian

Quite an interesting appraisal, notwithstanding its questionable provenance. If only the Guardian could manage a more honest and impartial, less prescriptively “woke” and modish tone, with greater frequency, it might be possible to consider reading the paper from time to time, as one could in the eighties, when Araucaria’s crosswords adorned the back page and the world seemed still to cherish the now apparently vain hope of securing the prevalence of sanity. LJ

The long read: The great trick of online retail has been to get us to shop more and think less about how our purchases reach our homes

Source: How our home delivery habit reshaped the world | Technology | The Guardian

Anger is an Energy: My Life Uncensored by John Lydon, review: ‘a marathon pub rant’ – Telegraph

Johnny Rotten’s ridiculously entertaining new memoir shows how he turned
youthful rebellion into a 40-year career
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An entertaining review of a book I have no intention of reading, though I have a soft spot for its author, I confess. He says a number of things that are sensible, not least that “the weather’s too nice to stay angry all the time.” LJ