On reading George Clare’s moving work “Last Waltz in Vienna”, I find myself introduced to the Yiddish term “tahm”, which denotes “the ability to change without apparent effort the commonplace into the superb”, a beautiful notion, I think, deployed by the author with reference to his maternal grandmother, Adele Immerdauer.

Cycling on the Île de Ré


The spectacle of poppies growing between the rows of vines at St. Clément des Baleines was arresting in its loveliness. On the right is the harbour at Loix, an enchanting place to stop and contemplate the sea before heading into the village for breakfast.


My rich tea biscuit has just disintegrated on being dunked, which would be unremarkable but for the immediacy of the said disintegration, which occurred long before the two-second threshold. O me miserum!