Empathy, a somewhat overworked buzzword these days, given currency by those who seek to emphasise the degree to which fellow feeling is absent from those whose views are divergent from their own. Often, “compassion” or “sympathy” would suffice. In a technical discussion of, say, Bertholt Brecht’s dramaturgy, it has its place, of course.

“Empathie : pourquoi voir les autres souffrir fait mal” : http://www.lefigaro.fr/sciences/2018/07/06/01008-20180706ARTFIG00330-empathie-pourquoi-voir-les-autres-souffrir-fait-mal.php

“Can I see another’s woe
And not be in sorrow too?
Can I see another’s grief
And not seek for sweet relief?
Never, never can it be!” [William Blake]

The deserted beach beyond Loix

As I drew nearer to my favourite spot this morning, a bird of prey, larger than a kestrel but smaller than a buzzard, plummeted from the sky on to a small rodent, but, doubtless alarmed by my approach, released it at once, allowing the startled creature to scurry away to safety, squeaking its song of freedom amidst the scrub.

IGP pour la choucroute d’Alsace : “Une reconnaissance du savoir-faire alsacien”

Une très bonne nouvelle, la choucroute alsacien étant la meilleure de toutes, et de loin! Ça s’arrose! Une bouteille de Riesling svp!

I must go down to Krautergersheim, where cabbages are king,
And all I ask is a chop’ of wine to make my tonsils sing,
An Edelzwicker, Sylvaner, or fine Gewürztraminer,
A Choucroute garnie and a Marc, and “Santé!” to the weaner!🐖LJ

L’eurodéputée d’Alsace Anne Sander explique mardi sur franceinfo que le label d’Indication géographique protégée pour la choucroute alsacienne va permettre de mieux valoriser cette tradition régionale.
— Read on www.francetvinfo.fr/culture/gastronomie/igp-pour-la-choucroute-d-alsace-une-reconnaissance-du-savoir-faire-alsacien_2832127.html

On the metamorphosis of supermarket plums

This article explains many things concerning the maturation of fruit, but does not broach the problem of the Tesco plum, which metamorphoses with mysterious suddenness from an adamantine state with the consistency of a diamond that would not be out of place on a snooker table and that would break the teeth of a baboon, to assume, within a few short minutes and invariably overnight when one is off one’s guard, the form of a flaccid sac of sickly, treacly liquid scarcely fit for a wasp. LJ

“Est-ce encore possible de savourer des tomates qui ont du goût ? ” : http://madame.lefigaro.fr/cuisine/est-il-encore-possible-de-manger-de-bonnes-tomates-qui-ont-du-gout-270617-133000


It occurs to me on this warm afternoon that there may an etymological connection, as well as the obvious causal one, between “more ale” and “morale”.

The following bilingual paronomasia occurred to me whilst playing with cascading words on the Petit Robert app.:

Menopausée? Men opposés!

Kim Jong Un May Have Outwitted Trump at the Singapore Summit

Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un summit: No previous U.S. president considered it prudent to embark on summitry with so little preparation or on terms so favorable to the other side, let alone to promise to unilaterally discontinue defensive joint U.S.–South Korean military exercises on the Korean Peninsula.
— Read on www.foreignaffairs.com/articles/north-korea/2018-06-12/historic-breakthrough-or-historic-blunder-singapore